Checker Owner Portal Guide is the License Owner Portal for people who purchased Checker NFT licenses. License Owners can use the portal to check their rewards, delegate licenses, and claim / withdraw rewards.

Quick Start

  1. Click Connect Wallet on the top right screen and sign in to the wallet that holds the Checker NFT Licenses.

  1. Navigate to the Licenses tab. Copy the burner wallet address from your Node Operator, or your own Checker Client (Windows GUI or Linux CLI), and click the Delegate button.

  2. Paste the burner wallet address in the pop-up. Please note, this should NOT be the wallet address that you are currently logged in with.

  3. Once your Node Operator accepts the delegation, you should see the status update to “Delegated” and you are all set to receive rewards!!


Viewing Rewards

  1. You can view your total rewards in the dashboard, or see the detailed log in Activity page.

Claiming Rewards

  1. You can claim rewards by navigating to the Claim page.

  2. After the selected time has passed, you can withdraw rewards by navigating to the Withdraw page.



  1. You can view the statuses of you licenses anytime in the License page.

  2. You can undelegate any statuses anytime without confirmation from your Node Operators, by clicking Undelegate on the License page.

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