What is Aethir?

Aethir is an enterprise-focused, distributed GPU cloud provider with the largest GPU network and highest committed revenue within the DePIN sector. Aethir holds the keys to global GPU compute, arguably the most valuable and most disruptive asset in history.

How does Aethir work?

In the Aethir ecosystem, "Containers," "Indexers," and "Checkers" have distinct roles:

  • Containers: They are fundamental units within Aethir, serving as virtual endpoints where cloud-based applications are executed and rendered. Their purpose is to ensure an immediate and responsive cloud experience, effectively shifting the workload from local devices to the Container.

  • Indexers: These act as connectors within the network, optimizing the match between users and Containers. They prioritize based on service fee, experience, and overall evaluation, aiming to minimize latency and ensure high-quality rendering.

  • Checkers: Their role is to maintain the integrity and performance of Containers. They verify container specifications and monitor performance during active rendering, ensuring the network's Quality of Service. This involves checks at various stages, including registration and during rendering.

These components work together to ensure Aethir's distributed cloud infrastructure operates efficiently and meets its performance standards.

What Blockchain is Aethir built on?

The token will be launched as "ERC-20" on the Arbitrum network.

Is Aethir audited?

Preliminary audit conducted by Certik. Final audit in-progress.

What is Aethir's main token utility?

  • Governance: ATH token holders can vote to decide on governance decisions

  • Staking: Aethir containers stake ATH for their computing power to earn future ATH rewards

  • Medium of Exchange: Developers pay ATH tokens for service fees to get computing power from containers

  • Liquidity and Collateral: ATH tokens can be used as native liquidity and collateral in the Aethir ecosystem

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