Aethir Executive Summary

GPUs have become a critical and rapidly expanding part of the global technology market. With the Al boom, the demand for high-performance GPUs has surged, significantly outpacing supply. This growth in demand for GPUs, essential for Al development and operations, has led to a notable scarcity, impacting both costs and availability. Despite the high demand, this scarcity has created challenges in procurement, affecting various sectors reliant on these technologies (e.g. Al, Gaming, loT etc). Whilst growth in the sector remains robust, the market is signalling decelerating advancements across these industries if this issue isn't addressed.

These overarching patterns have sparked considerable discussion regarding the impact of major Al advancement and the capability of the semiconductor industry. In particular, the growth rate of Large Language Model (LLM) complexity, like ChatGPT, appears to be exponential whereas GPU chipset advancements remain linear. In light of these circumstances, and not discounting the geopolitical relevance of semiconductor manufacturing in Taiwan, it is critical to look to alternative solutions to address the compute shortage and continue to support the expanding growth of GPU reliant sectors like Al and gaming.

Aethir offers a disruptive, yet highly amenable solution to this complex, global issue. Our network aggregates and intelligently redistributes new and idle GPUs from enterprises, data centres, cryptocurrency mining operations and consumers. With the average US Data Centre GPU utilization rate being only 10-15%, the market opportunity to better redistribute GPU capacity is extensive. Aethir's solution will provide increased access to current supply, de-risk new investments, and has the capability to >10x current global GPU compute availability.

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