Aethir Executive Summary

The global GPU market is experiencing explosive growth driven by the AI boom, yet supply struggles to keep pace. This scarcity impacts key sectors like AI, gaming, and IoT, threatening to slow innovation. While AI models like ChatGPT advance exponentially, GPU chipset development remains linear, exacerbating the issue.

Aethir offers a disruptive solution to this critical challenge. By aggregating and redistributing underutilized GPUs from diverse sources, Aethir taps into the vast potential of idle capacity, estimated at 85-90% in US data centers alone. This approach not only increases access to existing GPU supply but also reduces investment risk and has the potential to more than tenfold global GPU compute availability.

Aethir's innovative model ensures a more efficient, accessible, and sustainable future for GPU-reliant industries, unlocking their full potential for continued growth and innovation.

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