Compute Rewards

Aethir's choice to dedicate large amount of Total Token Supply (TTS) to compute rewards is a strategic play to fortify its ecosystem. Highlighting a clear recognition of the value of its contributors.

Here’s why this chunk of allocation matters:

  1. Backing Node Operators: Node operators are the backbone of Aethir, supplying the necessary computing power. The incentive fund is designed to draw resource providers in and keep them committed.

  2. Upholding Container Standards: Aethir relies on its containers to provide computing resources. By incentivizing them properly, Aethir attracts the most efficient resource providers.

In short, the compute rewards isn't just an allocation; it's an investment. Aethir is betting big on its community, ensuring the platform isn’t just viable today but remains strong in the future.

The compute rewards is strategically divided into:

  1. Proof of Rendering Work: Token incentives are provided to node operators as an additional reward for completing computing tasks within the ecosystem. This encourages supply-side entities to join Aethir’s ecosystem and provide valuable processing and computing work. Proof of Rendering Work is exclusively distributed to containers upon completing computing tasks.

  2. Proof of Capacity: Compute Providers earn Proof of Rendering Capacity for demonstrating readiness to provide compute services. Even in the absence of active work, providers receive rewards to incentivize onboarding onto the ecosystem, thus mitigating participation risks.

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