The Checker

The Checker ensures the integrity and performance of Containers within the Aethir network. Verifying container specifications as provided by the Container Providers is essential to maintain the network's Quality of Service (QoS). 

Check Processes: 

  • At Registration: When a container is registered on the Aethir network. 

  • In Standby State: Random checks are conducted on containers in standby. 

  • During Rendering State: Service information is collected and assessed to judge the actual service status. 

Outcome of Checks: 

  • Registration Validation: Confirms container specifications and successful registration. 

  • Scheduling Influence: Affects the container's scheduling opportunity and priority by the Indexer. 

  • Quality Control: Determines penalties for subpar service quality. 

Checking Methods: 

  • Performance Parameters: Direct reading of container's performance data. 

  • Simulation Testing: Acting as a consumer to test applications and analyze interactions, ensuring compliance with claimed specifications. 

Checker Deployment: Initially deployed by the Aethir, with plans for gradual decentralization. 

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