The Indexer

Central to Aethir’s network, the Indexer matches consumers with suitable Containers, ensuring a swift launch of cloud-based apps & services. The goal is to deliver a “second on” service - the transition from a consumer’s request to the actual delivery (e.g., a player making a request to a game screen) should occur in the shortest possible time. This requires succinct signaling and efficient scheduling. 

Scheduling Considerations: 

  • Container Status: Must be in Standby state. 

  • Service Deployment: The cloud services should be pre-installed in the container. 

  • Resource Requirements: The container’s specifications must meet the hardware and network demands of the cloud services. 

  • Latency: The distance between the container and the consumer or enterprise should fall within acceptable latency limits. 

  • Service Fee: The container’s fee should not exceed the developer's budget. 

Selection Criteria: The Indexer prioritizes containers based on lowest service fee, best experience, or the best overall evaluation index. 

Decentralization and Fraud Prevention: To maintain decentralization and enhance user experience, Indexers are selected randomly. This approach helps mitigate potential fraud risks and minimizes signaling delays due to protocol complexity. 

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