Role of the Container

Fundamental to the Aethir network, the Container is where the actual use of the cloud takes place. It acts as a virtual endpoint, executing and rendering the application (e.g., rendering the game for the player). The Container's purpose is to ensure that the cloud experience is immediate and responsive, offering a "zero lag" experience. This is achieved by shifting the workload from the local device to the Container (e.g., shifting all game execution and command processing). 

Operational Considerations: 

  • Container Status: Must always be in a ready state, prepared for immediate activation upon consumer request. 

  • Application Deployment: Each Container should have the application or services pre-installed and configured to allow quick access and startup. 

  • Processing Capability: Containers need to meet specific processing and graphical requirements to handle the applications or services without performance issues. 

  • Network Efficiency: Must possess the bandwidth and network infrastructure to support high-speed data transfer and low-latency interactions. 

Selection Process: 

  • Performance-Based: Containers are selected based on their ability to provide the highest quality of service with the lowest possible latency and cost. 

  • Experience Optimization: Containers are assessed for their capability to deliver the best possible consumer or enterprise application experience, considering factors such as frame rate and resolution. 

Resource Provisioning: 

  • Rewards for Readiness: Containers receive compensation for maintaining a state of high readiness and for providing standby services. 

  • Incentives for Service: Additional rewards are given for the actual runtime during which Containers are actively used by consumers. 

Quality Assurance: 

  • Performance Validation: A Container's performance is regularly checked to ensure it continues to meet the network's standards. 

  • Service Feedback: The actual user experience is monitored and used to adjust the priority and selection of Containers in the future.

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