Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Node-as-a-Service (NaaS) Provider

Should you not want to run the Checker Node Client on your own machine, you can choose a Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or a Node-as-a-Service (NaaS). The key difference between the two is that - you need to setup, deploy and manage nodes yourself on a VPS, but everything is managed for you via NaaS. You can “delegate” your Checker Node License (NFT) to a NaaS provider and earn rewards automatically.

Here are some VPS options. Make sure you pick the package that matches the minimum hardware requirements. The location has no influence on whether you can pass the KYC or claim rewards.

  • AWS

  • Tencent Cloud

Here are some NaaS options.

  • Easeflow

  • Luganodes

  • Nodeops

  • Animoca

We are working on securing partnerships for our Checker Node Sale early adopters! More information on this coming soon. Please stay tuned on our social media for announcements.

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