What is a Checker Node

A Checker Node is one of the three fundamental components of the Aethir Network backend infrastructure:

  • Containers: Fundamental to the Aethir network, the Container is where the actual use of the cloud takes place. It acts as a virtual endpoint, executing and rendering the application (e.g., rendering the game for a player, executing an inference task for an AI consumer, powering a virtual phone). The Container's purpose is to ensure that the cloud experience is immediate and responsive, offering a "zero lag" experience. This is achieved by shifting the workload from the local device to the Container (e.g., shifting all game execution and command processing).

  • Checkers: The Checker ensures the integrity and performance of Containers within the Aethir network. Verifying container specifications as provided by the Container Providers is essential to maintain the network's Quality of Service (QoS).

  • Indexers: Core to Aethir’s network, the Indexer matches consumers with suitable Containers, ensuring a swift launch of cloud-based apps & services. The goal is to deliver a “second on” service - the transition from a consumer’s request to the actual delivery (e.g. a player making a request to a game screen) should occur in the shortest possible time. This requires succinct signaling and efficient scheduling.

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