Step 1: Add New Deploy

Go to Aethir Atmosphere → Deploy(On Demand) page to deploy your game version.

Click “Add New Deploy” button.

In the “Add New Deploy” page, choose the region, specify the game version, and set the number of concurrent players supported.

  • Region Selection: Select the region where you want to deploy your game. This ensures low latency and optimal performance for your target audience.

  • Game Version: Choose the specific game version you want to deploy.

  • Concurrent Players: Specify the number of concurrent players the deployment should support. Adjust the settings based on your anticipated player load.

The service fee is only charged when there are players playing your game.

Click on "Confirm Deploy" to start the deployment process. The platform will allocate the necessary resources and initiate the deployment.

Step 2 (Optional): Upgrade Your Game

After a new game version is added from the game management interface, deploy the new version from Aethir Atmosphere → Deploy(On Demand) page, click “Upgrade” from a game in the deployment list.

In the Upgrade screen, specify the game version you’d like to upgrade to. Click “Confirm Deploy” to deploy the new version.

Step 3: Monitor and Test the Deployment

In the Atmosphere → Deploy(On Demand) page, track the deployment progress in real-time in “INSTALL PROGRESS” column. Monitor the status and ensure the deployment is successful.

To test the deployment of the game, click “Test” of a deployment from the deployment list.

Congregations. By following a few simple steps above, you have deploy your game on-demand successfully!

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