Manage Orders

Managing your orders on Aethir Cloud ensures that you have a clear view of your ongoing, pending, and past orders. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the order management process efficiently.

Accessing the Orders Section

  1. Navigate to the Orders Section:

    • From the Aethir Tenant Console, click on the "Orders" tab on the left-hand menu.

Viewing Your Orders

  1. Order List Overview:

    • The Orders page displays a list of all your orders. You can filter these orders by region, status, or order ID using the dropdown menus at the top.

    • The list includes details such as order ID, status, region, specification, created time, amount, and actions.

  2. Order Status:

    • To Be Paid: Orders that are awaiting payment

    • In Service: Orders that are paid and still in service period

    • Cancelled: Orders that have been cancelled

    • Completed: order is fulfilled in the service period and is now completed.

Order Actions

  1. Viewing Order Details:

    • Click on the "Details" button next to an order to view more information. This will open a detailed view of the order, including order status, specifications, duration, subtotal, discounts, total amount, auto-renew and payment options.

  1. Making a Payment:

  • If an order is marked as "To Be Paid," you can click on the "Make Payment" button to proceed with the payment.

  • Confirm the order details and choose your payment method. You can pay using your wallet balance on Aethir.

  • Ensure the payment is completed within the specified time to avoid order cancellation.

  1. Cancelling an Order:

  • If you decide not to proceed with an order that is "To Be Paid," you have the option to cancel it. Click the "Cancel Payment" button in the order details view.

  • Confirm the cancellation to remove the order from your list.

  1. Turn on/off Auto-renew:

  • For Aethir Atmosphere’s reserved instance, you have the options to turn on/off the auto-renew option before the current service period ends.

By effectively managing your orders on Aethir Cloud, you can ensure that your computational resources are allocated efficiently, payments are made on time, and services are managed without interruptions. Use the Orders section to keep track of all your activities and ensure seamless operation of your Aethir Cloud services.

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