How to Deploy Your Game on Aethir Atmosphere

Deploying your game on Aethir Atmosphere allows you to leverage a decentralized cloud gaming rendering network to deliver high-quality gaming experiences.

Follow these high-level steps to deploy and manage your game on Aethir Atmosphere, with links to more detailed guide on each step.

Step 1: Upload Your Game

First, add your game and versions to deploy via Aethir Atmosphere → Game. A more detailed step-by-step guide can be found here.

Step 2: Deploy Your Game with On-demand or Reserved Servers

There are two types of Aethir Atmosphere cloud gaming servers.

  • On-demand: more expensive than reserved servers but with the flexibility to only pay for the game rending time when players are playing your game.

To avoid abuse, customers also need to stake a certain amount for the storage needed for game deployment.

Detail on-demand deployment guide here.

  • Reserved: dedicated Aethir Atmosphere servers for a fixed, renewable contract duration, at a lower price and peace of mind for enough capacity to deploy your games.

Detail reserved deployment guide here.

Step 3: Monitor Game Session

After deployment, Sessions page provides a simple view on players’ playing sessions, such as which game, current status, session duration and a more technical detail view.

Deploying your game on Aethir Atmosphere is a straightforward process that allows you to leverage high-performance cloud gaming resources. By following these steps, you can ensure your game is effectively deployed and managed, providing an excellent experience for your users.

Add Game and VersionsDeploy(On-Demand)Deploy(Reserved)

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