How to Provide Aethir Earth

Providing GPU compute resources through Aethir Earth is a straightforward process that allows you to integrate your bare metal GPU servers into the Aethir network, ensuring they are available for high-performance computing tasks.

Here’s a high-level guide on how to get started with Aethir Earth:

Setting Up Your GPU Servers

  1. Specify OS and Server Name

  1. Copy and install setup scripts

Copy the commands provided here and execute them on the server you are providing.

After that, click Refresh to confirm the configuration detected and submitted to Aethir. You can setup multiple servers and confirm them all at once.

  1. Confirm Access IP and Specification Type

    For each server detected, confirm the following:

    • Double check whether access IP and port is correct

    • Select the correct specification type based on the specification detected column

You can only Confirm and Add the servers after each of them are confirmed.

Platform Checking

After submitting your servers, Aethir platform will verify their configuration and accessibility first before onboarding them onto the platform.

Staking Your Servers

Once your servers are submitted and verified by the platform, stake them on the Aethir platform. Staking ensures that your servers are ready for service and helps maintain the network’s stability and security.

  1. First, select the servers to stake from Servers page.

  1. Connect your wallet and stake the needed amount.

You can only use ONE web3 wallet for all transactions on Aethir and it cannot be changed later. Make sure to choose the correct wallet for the first time.

Start Earning

After staking, your servers become available for service on the Aethir network. You can start earning rewards based on the computational power you provide and the stability of your resources.

Managing Your Servers

Use the server dashboard to manage your servers effectively. Monitor their status, performance, and configuration details.

Server Status

  • Confirming Specification: after installing setup scripts and before confirming and submitting your servers to the platform

  • Checking: after confirming and submitting your servers to the platform, and pending platform verification.

  • Waiting for Staking: after platform verification, waiting for providers to stake

  • In Service: after staking, the server is onboarded onto Aethir

  • Offline: the server is detected offline

Server Details

Check server details and their service status in server Details popup.

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