How many Checker Nodes will be available in total?

100,000 Checker Nodes

What are the key dates?

14/03/2024 06:00 AM (UTC) - Whitelist Wallet Address Allocation submissions (for all Tiers by all partners)

14/03/2024 06:00 AM (UTC) - wETH to USD Price Snapshot

15/03/2024 10:00 AM (UTC) - Whitelist Announcements & Key Updates

18/03/2024-19/03/2024 10:00 AM (UTC) - Aethir Node Sale (Whitelist)

20/03/2024 10:00 AM (UTC) - Aethir Node Sale (Public)

Where will the node sale take place?

The Aethir Node Sale will take place on

What is the payment method for purchasing a node?

You can purchase nodes using wETH on the Arbitrum network.

What will I receive from participating in the node sale?

You will receive an NFT (ERC-721) which represents your Node Licence. The NFTs will be minted and transferred by Aethir team 3 weeks after the Public sale.

When will I be able to install and run the Checker node?

Q2 2024

How many nodes can each user purchase each round?

In the public sale, there is a hard cap of how many Nodes can a user purchase from lower Tiers to ensure a fair distribution, check out Node Purchase Caps for more details. For the whitelist sale, whitelisted addresses will have limited node allocation depending on the whitelist campaign they participated in.

How will the node licences be distributed?

After purchasing a node licence on, node licences will be distributed as an NFT to the purchase wallet of the user. Only the wallet with the node licence can then operate the node and earn ATH tokens as rewards.

Is the only entry point for the sale?

All public and Whitelist sale cards will be available on this front-end except for Partnered Launchpads like Impossible Finance and Seedify, in which case the front end will be on Aethir Partners' website.

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