How to purchase using Arbiscan


  • Ethereum-compatible wallet (e.g., MetaMask)

  • Sufficient balance of the payment token and some ETH for gas fees

Step 1: Approve IFFixedSale to Spend the Purchase Amount

  1. Find the Payment Token Contract:

    • Go to Arbiscan and use the search bar to find your payment token contract. You will need the contract address of the token you intend to use for the purchase.

  2. Interact with the Contract:

    • On the token's contract page on Arbiscan, navigate to the Contract tab and click on Write as Proxy or Write Contract if it is not a proxy contract.

    • Connect your wallet by clicking on the "Connect to Web3" button. This action will prompt your wallet to ask for permission.

  3. Approve Spending:

    • Find the approve function in the list of available functions. You'll need to input two pieces of information:

      • The spender address, which is the IFFixedSale contract address. This address should be provided by the project.

      • The amount of tokens you wish to allow IFFixedSale to spend on your behalf. This will be your purchase amount.

      • After filling in the details, click "Write" to execute the transaction. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for it to be confirmed on the blockchain.

💡 The amount is in wei. Use this tool to convert the amount into wei:

e.g. If the sale is 10 WETH and you’d like to buy 3 sale tokens / nodes. The amount will be 30 ETH(1), which is 30000000000000000000 Wei(10^-18)

Step 2: Purchase Token Using whitelistedPurchaseWithCode Function

  1. Navigate to IFFixedSale Contract:

    • Similar to the first step, search for the IFFixedSale contract on Arbiscan and go to the Contract -> Write Contract section.

  2. Connect Your Wallet:

    • Connect your wallet if you haven't done so already by clicking the "Connect to Web3" button.

  3. Execute the Purchase:

    • Find the whitelistedPurchaseWithCode function. Input the required parameters as follows:

      • paymentAmount: The amount of tokens you want to purchase. Should be same as the amount approved in step 1

      • merkleProof: An empty array.

      • _allocation: Set this to the same value as your paymentAmount.

      • code: Input the referral code provided to you, if any.

    • After entering all the required information, click "Write" to execute the purchase. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

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