July 5, 2024

Release Date: July 5, 2024

Version: GUI V1.0.2.4, CLI V1.0.2.4

Mandatory Update: No


  1. Single Instance Restriction for CheckerService on Linux Platform

    • Ensured that only single instance of CheckerService can run on Linux to prevent resource conflicts that led to reward losses.

  2. WebSocket Exception Handling Improvements

    • Enhanced WebSocket exception handling process and improved error messages.

  3. Installation Issue on Windows V1.0.2.3

    • Fixed the installation errors of Windows GUI V1.0.2.3.

  4. Windows CheckerService Shutdown Timeout Issue

    • Addressed timeout error when shutting down CheckerService on Windows.

  5. Extended WebSocket Handshake Timeout

    • Increased the handshake timeout for WebSocket connections to better support environments with limited internet bandwidth.

  6. Server IP Address Database Update

    • Fixed issues where clients on versions v1.0.2.2 and v1.0.2.3 were unable to locate certain IP addresses, which resulted in failed connections.

  7. KYC Error

    • Fixed issues where previously KYC'd customers had claim button re-enabled on the portal.

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