How Containers Work – Simplified

Containers have several states they can be in, which determine how they operate in our network:

  • Ready to Configure: When a Container is new, it's like it's waiting for its instructions. This is the time when it's set up with the right settings and information.

  • Waiting for Check-Up: Once set up, the Container waits for a Checker to make sure everything is in order.

  • Checked and Ready: If the Checker gives a thumbs up, the Container is all set to be used in the network.

  • Need Rechecking: If something's not right, the Container goes back for another check-up.

  • Connected and Healthy: A Container needs to show it's well-connected and functioning correctly. This is like a regular heartbeat, showing it's alive and kicking.

  • Locked for Maintenance: Sometimes, a Container needs a tune-up or an upgrade. During this time, it's not available for use.

  • Quality Control: We always monitor the quality of a Container's work. If it's not up to the mark, it needs to be checked and fixed.

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