Manage Your Earnings (Wallet)

As a GPU Compute Provider on Aethir, managing your earnings effectively is crucial for maximizing your income and ensuring financial transparency. The Wallet section on the Aethir platform provides comprehensive tools to help you track, claim, and manage your financial activities seamlessly.

Service Fee

Track the service fee income paid by Aethir Cloud’s customers to use your servers

To withdraw from Service Fee, Claim it from Service Fee page first.

Staking Rewards:

Monitor the reward earned for providing your servers on Aethir

30% of the reward will be released to your wallet immediately which will be included in Vested Reward. The rest 70% is subject to a 180 day linear vesting period which will also be included in Vested Reward after vested.

To withdraw the vested reward, claim it first.


Overview your total stake amount, with breakdowns of different status and secure withdrawal.

  • In Staking: staking amount for your servers that are not un-staked

  • Dissolving: un-staked amount that hasn’t passed the vesting period

  • Dissolved: un-staked amount that has passed the vesting period

  • Withdraw All: withdraw all dissolved un-staked amount. The amount here is estimated, based on on-chain data a few minutes ago. Clicking “Withdraw All” will refer to the actual amount based on on-chain data in real time.

Approved Claim

Once approved by the platform, claims can be withdrawn in Approved Claim screen.

Due to security considerations of the smart contract, one can only withdraw them one by one sequentially, from the earliest claim first.


Keep track of your financial transactions essential for maintaining transparency, such as service fee, rewards, stake/un-stake, etc.

The Wallet section on the Aethir platform is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to manage your earnings effectively. By leveraging these features, you can ensure your financial activities are transparent, your earnings are maximized, and your contributions to the Aethir network are rewarded appropriately.

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